Weekes Enterprise, LLC was created to provide workshops for counselors and educators. Its purpose is to equip them with the tools to have mental health, consent, and boundary conversations with their students. WE can also conduct these workshops for students in schools, community programs, churches, and non-profit organizations.

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Cheryl-Ann Weekes, M.Ed. was born in Barbados and immigrated to Boston at the age of 11. Cheryl-Ann has been a counselor working with the teen population since 1997. She is an expert in Social emotional Counseling, Mental Health and University Counseling. Cheryl-Ann has worked in Boston as a School-based Psychotherapist and an Upward Bound Director; in DC as a University Academic Counselor and College Advisor with DC CAP and as a School Counselor in DC Public Schools.  Cheryl-Ann  began working internationally in 2010 and has lived in many countries. She has worked at Cap Cana Heritage School in the Dominican Republic, the American International School in Kingston in Jamaica, the International Community School of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Bangkok Patana School in Thailand, the American International School in Egypt, and the International Community School of Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. She has learned a lot about the world and different cultures from her international school experiences.

Cheryl-Ann is passionate about the need to normalize going to therapy and discussing mental health awareness with her students, parents and community. She is committed to having consent conversations with her students as a way to educate them about what it means to give and ask for consent and respect the boundaries set by others. What Cheryl-Ann loves most about her work is having individual conversations with her students about coping strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety and organization. Cheryl-Ann believes in the power of apology to promote healing. She uses positive self-talk and quotes from her favorite authors to teach resilience and compassion to students.

Cheryl-Ann is proud of her Bajan heritage and loves Caribbean food, rum punch and black cake.  Her favorite things are coconut water, chocolate, coconut and mango ice cream, the beach, traveling, listening to music especially soca, and reading. Cheryl-Ann loves to travel and has been to 48 countries; traveling to 30 of them as a solo traveler. Her favorite countries are Ghana, South Africa, Zanzibar, and France, Seychelles and the Maldives. Cheryl-Ann’s favorite authors are Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and James Baldwin.

Workshops Offered

The What and Why of Consent Lessons

In this workshop participants will discuss the importance of teaching students of all ages about consent. Learning objectives will focus on the connection between consent and boundaries, the parameters of consent that all students need to understand;  the importance of recognizing a student’s home culture  and how to engage stakeholders in their community in these conversations to allow for a wider reach.

Impact vs.Intent

In this workshop participants will discuss the different stages of psychological safety, how to create psychological safety by modeling accountability, discuss the difference between impact vs intent and how to realize the impact of your actions.

Navigating Boundaries

In this workshop participants will discuss the importance of boundaries, the different types of boundaries, why it’s difficult to set boundaries, how boundaries are connected to self actualization and strategies for responding when people breach or ignore those boundaries. Participants will get an opportunity to discuss solutions to personal or professional situations they have encountered.

Mental Health Awareness

In this workshop participants will discuss the definition of mental health, what contributes to positive mental health and self awareness, the difference between stress and anxiety, and strategies for maintaining positive mental health and different ways to cope with stress and anxiety.


The Importance of Discussing Consent.

(5 minute read)

Most international schools have a child protection policy and an annual staff training on how to report cases, the different types of abuse, and the expectations for how we interact with students…


The Power of Apology in Creating Safe Spaces.

(3 minute read)

When we listen to students, we have to resist the urge to talk over them and to defend ourselves. We have to be quiet and let them talk. We have to encourage them to tell us when we are wrong and that takes courage. It is important…


Advising All Around the World...

Counselling in any school demands a host of diverse talents to juggle everything that is thrown at you: Writing recommendation letters, supporting children in crisis…



Maipelo Nguessan

Designated Safeguarding Lead & Service Learning Coordinator: International Community School of Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)

Cheryl-Ann is a dedicated professional who is willing to go above and beyond to create an emotionally and psychologically safe environment for learners. She is particularly passionate about teaching consent to students, with the goal of providing them with guidelines for maintaning appropriate boundaries during interactions and preventing sexual harassment. Cheryl-Ann is a big advocate for student wellbeing, and she incorporates and values student voice in the process. She is a collaborator and partner in learning.

Ashleigh Meyer-Charara

Former Middle School Counselor: International Community School of Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)

Cheryl-Ann is a compassionate and dedicated advocate for her students. She is a wealth of counseling knowledge and her vast experience makes her a great mentor to other school counselors. She is collaborative, kind and zestful. It was such a pleasure to work on a team with her!

Joshua Centra

Former Principal: American International School Kingston (Jamaica)

Cheryl-Ann has several excellent strengths as a school counselor. However, there are three that stand out in my mind. First and foremost, Ms. Weekes is a student-centered educator. Every decision she makes is focused on the students – both present and future. Time and time again, Ms. Weekes would help me make decisions by pointing out how this would help (or not help) students. Second, Ms. Weekes has a positive and professional attitude and is one of the most reliable educators I have ever encountered. I burdened Ms. Weekes with many responsibilities at AISK and they always got done - well. Finally, perhaps the key element to Ms. Weekes' success at AISK was her ability to forge positive and meaningful relationships with her students and colleagues. In fact, I would describe Ms. Weekes' ability to make both students and teachers feel comfortable, included, and invested in the process as her single greatest strength.

Jennifer Park

Former High School Counselor: International Community School of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Cheryl-Ann is masterful at promoting balance and self-care. She incorporates both into her own life, consequently modeling such wellness practices for others. Cheryl-Ann is also someone who students feel comfortable going to when they are in times of distress. She listens nonjudgmentally while at the same time sharing with them her adult perspective by encouraging them to make choices that are best in the long run, for them.

Melissa Sheaffer

High School Counselor: American International School (Egypt)

Cheryl-Ann displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise while helping our middle school acclimate to a proper school counseling program. She was able to make connections quite easily and provided much needed services to our students, all with care and ease. Her clinical skills and vast experience were a welcomed addition to our school. I had the pleasure to work with her on developing a child protection policy. Her passion for children and her knowledge of systemic issues were invaluable in the creation of the policy.

Tessa John Guerra

Upper School Guidance Counselor: American School of Madrid (Spain)

Cheryl-Ann did deep work with us for the two sessions. The insight that I have received is that I can have really meaningful broader conversations about consent in general with my students and how it goes hand in hand with healthy boundaries. Thank you so much with all the tools that you shared with us, especially these very powerful short videos that capture students' attention.

Arti Odhrani

Counselor: North London Collegiate School Dubai

Cheryl-Ann was very clear and used a step by step approach, she made the topic appear more tangible, and shared resources which will make it easy to deliver to students.

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